custom 1Pcs LT3652 solar power 2A battery charging module

custom 1Pcs LT3652 solar power 2A battery charging module

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1: provides input power supply voltage regulation loop for power tracking (MPPT) in solar energy applications.

2: wide input voltage range: 4.95V to 32V (40V absolute maximum).

3 programmable charging rate is up to 2A

4 the termination of charging can be selected by users: C/10 or built-in charging termination timer.

5 can be set up with resistors and up to 14.4V floating voltage to support lithium electronics/lithium polymer batteries, LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) batteries. Chemical composition of SLA (sealed lead-acid) battery

6 when the battery voltage is 4.2V, there is no need for Vin isolation diode.

7 1MHZ fixed frequency

80.5% floating voltage reference accuracy

95% charge current accuracy.