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Production Manager
Job Responsibilities:
1 Plan delivery execution
1) According to the production plan issued by PMC, rationally allocate resources to arrange production;
2) Daily lead the organization of PE, APE, and QAE to improve the problems in production;
3) Lead the organization of PE, APE, and QAE to summarize the achievement of the production plan once a week, determine the improvement countermeasures, record and follow up the implementation of the improvement countermeasures;
4) Take the initiative to report the delivery of the plan to the superior;
2 Product quality control
1) Establish a good workshop staff echelon reserve and training assessment mechanism;
2) Daily lead the organization PE, APE, and QAE to conduct abnormal analysis and improvement for product quality problems; 3) Weekly lead the organization PE, APE, and QAE to summarize the production quality situation, determine improvement measures, record and follow up on improvement measures implementation;
3 Cost Control
1) Daily lead the organization of PE, APE, and QAE to carry out abnormal analysis and improvement on product quality problem points to reduce product scrapping rate;
2) Lead the organization of PE, APE, and QAE to summarize the loss of production materials every week. For the loss > KPI target value, determine the improvement countermeasures and record and follow up the implementation of the improvement countermeasures;
3) Lead or cooperate with PE and APE personnel to optimize the production process, reduce bottleneck stations, and improve production efficiency.
4) Establish a good team incentive mechanism to stimulate the potential of employees;
4 Production site management
1) Establish a 7S maintenance point inspection and inspection mechanism on the production site;
2) Can identify and analyze risks through factors such as workplace environment, health, safety, and working conditions, and propose improvement and control management measures;
3) Responsible for following up the three-level safety education and training of new employees;
4) Organize workshop team safety inspections, follow up on the rectification results of hidden problems;
5) Regularly organize safety knowledge training courses and emergency drills; 6) Regularly organize extension and material personnel to conduct knowledge training on production material management regulations;
6) Responsible for sending and receiving and supervising the material use process, and cooperate with customs affairs and financial inventory;
5 People management
1) Supervise the implementation of the "Workshop Management Regulations" by subordinate cadres;
2) Establish a team talent reserve training mechanism, and conduct job skills coaching training for reserve personnel;
3) Lead by example, abide by the company's rules and regulations, and appropriately add some incentive mechanisms to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees without conflict with the company;
job requirements:
Necessary knowledge:
1. Familiar with the lithium battery PACK or printing production process, with good communication, coordination, organization and team building capabilities.
2. Proficient in computer office software and ERP system operation, and have a certain understanding of ISO9001, ISO14001 and other system knowledge.
3. Can fully cultivate subordinates and mobilize their enthusiasm, and actively and effectively promote various plans.
Experience: More than 3 years working experience in the same position
Skill :
1. Overall planning ability - formulate clear work target plans and follow up on the implementation progress results of the plan.
2. Organizational ability - able to skillfully use management expertise, mobilize team members' enthusiasm for work, and give full play to their personal work potential.
3. Cultivating the ability of subordinates - establishing a team talent echelon reserve training mechanism, coaching and training reserve talents, so that personal skills can meet the job requirements.
4. Leadership - lead by example, abide by the company's rules and regulations, fully mobilize employees' enthusiasm for work, and create more personal job values.
5. Control ability - supervise the work of subordinates, control production costs, correct mistakes, and weigh the performance of subordinates.


Product Engineer
Job Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the market research information collation and analysis in the early stage of the project, and in-depth understanding of the market.
2. Deeply excavate market demand and industry and product development trends, and independently complete product planning according to the company's product strategy.
3. Evaluate the cost accounting of project products according to customer needs, write and submit evaluation reports.
4. Maintain good communication with customers, grasp customer needs in real time, and regularly connect with company personnel.
5. Able to independently complete data analysis, data report sorting, data proportion analysis.
6. Responsible for the improvement and development of the company's existing project products, as well as back-end technical services and other related work.
job requirements
College degree or above,. 5-8 years of work experience in the same position.
2. Strong planning ability, sensitive to products and markets, clear and organized in thinking;
3. Sensitive to product value and cost, good at finding and solving problems;
4. Strong product document writing and communication skills;
5. Have a strong sense of responsibility and self-motivation, and have the courage to learn and summarize;
6. Love products, love technology, have good time management skills, and have strong pressure resistance;

1 计划交付执行
2 产品品质管控
3 成本管控
4 生产现场管理
5 人员管理
必备知识 :
1、熟悉了解锂电池PACK或印刷生产工艺流程, 具有良好的沟通、协调、组织和团队建设能力。
经验 :3年以上同等岗位工作经验
技能 :




Junior Embedded Software Engineer
Job Responsibilities
1. Cooperate with senior embedded software engineers to analyze product problems and solve customer problems from a software perspective.
2. According to customer feedback, iterate existing product software to improve product competitiveness.
3. Participate in the pre-research of sensor technology and low-power long-distance wireless transmission technology, and collaborate with electronic engineers to develop new products;
4. Responsible for product application code writing.

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in communication, electronics or automation, with experience in embedded software development;
2. Have a solid electronic knowledge base and C/C++ programming foundation, familiar with embedded Linux operating system;
3. Familiar with at least one of the wireless communication protocols such as WiFi/Zigbee/LoRa/NB-IoT/234G, those with practical project experience are preferred;
4. English level 4 or above, able to read and write fluently, and those who can communicate in English are preferred;
5. Familiar with Linux driver development, application developers are preferred;
6. Developers familiar with Python and Nodejs are preferred;
7. Pay attention to new technologies and products in the field of IoT, and be familiar with network protocols (HTTP/MQTT/COAP, etc.) commonly used in IoT applications;
8. Have good communication skills and teamwork spirit, strong hands-on ability and learning ability;

1. 配合资深嵌入式软件工程师,分析产品问题,从软件角度解决客户问题。
2. 根据客户反馈,迭代现有产品软件,提升产品竞争力。
3. 参与传感器技术、低功耗远距离无线传输技术的预研,与电子工程师协作开发新产品;
4. 负责产品应用代码编写。

1. 本科及以上学历,通信、电子或自动化相关专业,有嵌入式软件开发经验;
2. 具备扎实的电子知识基础和C/C++编程基础,熟悉嵌入式Linux操作系统;
3. 熟悉WiFi/Zigbee/LoRa/NB-IoT/234G等无线通信协议中的至少一种,有实际项目经验者优先;
4. 英语4级以上,能流利进行读写,可英语沟通者优先;
5. 熟悉Linux驱动开发、应用开发者优先考虑;
6. 熟悉Python、Nodejs开发者优先考虑;
7. 关注物联网领域的新技术、新产品, 熟悉物联网应用中常用的网络协议(HTTP/MQTT/COAP等);
8. 具有良好的沟通能力和团作协作精神, 具备较强的动手能力和学习能力;


Job description:

Job Responsibilities:
1. Conduct competitive analysis on the company's new and old products, and obtain market analysis reports for decision-making by the department;
2. Analyze the industry and provide market information support for the company's future new product development;
3. Conduct market analysis on the company's products and competing products, and provide information data and sales direction support to the sales department based on the company's sales situation;
4. Maintain good communication with products and sales, and build a data collection and feedback mechanism to make decision-making more accurate;
5. Improve relevant documents;
6. Other tasks arranged by superiors.

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, software engineering, electronic engineering, communication engineering, measurement and control technology and instruments, etc.;
2. English can be used as a working language;
3. 1 to 3 years of work experience in the same position in the computer, industrial control, and intelligent hardware industries;
4. Have work experience in market analysis and research report output, and be sensitive to industry dynamics;
5. Familiar with embedded C/C++ programming, familiar with electronic circuit design experience is better;
6. Those who are interested in computer software and hardware technology are preferred;
7. Strong logical thinking, communication and coordination ability, learning ability, and sense of responsibility





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